Opus Norden´s Music preschool

Ourt profile is towards classical music,and to work through a day and create concentration and focus, you need to play and move! Therefore, fantasy and drama are natural parts in a good preschool.


We will work with the following parameters in the musical/artistic parts of our learning

  • Music – instruments, singing, rythm, creation
  • Movement – dancing, coordination, sports
  • Fantasy – game, drama, creation, storytelling

Much research show that music has a positive influence on the learning process. Music helps to build and develop the brain.
The link below takes you to data from Karolinska Institutet where scientists sum how music and culture influence the brain and learning.

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We firmly believe that music is a self-evident main ingredience in a child´s development. And if we combine knowledge with music, for instance maths, the child will learn faster and with greater understanding.

Questions are welcome!

An example from mathematics is to work from three different angels. We split the group in three parts and make a relay. In the first group the problem is solved in the usual way, in the second the solution is/are notes and in the third comes the music based on the notes.

When working with language sounds it may be easier to sing these sounds and the teacher uses the sounds during the singing lesson pointing out that singing may solve some difficult problems.

Going out in nature learning about different animals and plants, one can make a little opera dealing with these new knowledges.

When it comes to physics it is easy to use music examples when dealing with sound waves, amplitudes and, say, the anatomy of the ear.

Digital creation is an important part of our education. This can be combined with composition since we have a master-edicated composer in our team..

Thus we are able to strengthen all subjects with the help of classical music.