Oskar Fagelund Svenberg


Oskar Fagelund Svenberg was in June 2017 accepted at Vadstena Sång- och Pianoakademi as the youngest pupil ever in the school´s history - 17 years. He was somewhat later also accepted at The Norwegian Musical highschool in Oslo. He chose Oslo and moved there in the beginning of August 2017. He is now searching gigs, stipends and sponsors in order to finance his four years in Oslo. Would you like to assist in this, please click at the link Artist-bokning


Oskar Fagelund Svenberg has been singing in Adolf Fredrik´s boy´s choir. At the Royal Opera, Stockholm, in Carmen,Wozzeck and Tosca, where he made the shepherd boy´s solo many times.

Oskar Fagelund Svenberg´s main performance so far was at Läckö Slott in 2011 singing Miles in Benjamin Britten´s Turn of the Screw which was awarded the best Opera performance of the year. Läckö Slott´s website

Review of the opera and Oskar in Seen and Heard International

Oskar Fagelund Svenberg made the soprano solo i Gabriel Faurée´s Messe Base together with Boo Cantabile Chamber Choir Autumn 2011.

Oskar Fagelund Svenberg was awarded the Cultural Stipend of Danderyd in 2012. Motivation:

"For amazing technical brilliance,
for being obvious and unequivocal on stage,
for being upright and with good self-confidence"

Oskar Fagelund Svenberg studied classical singing at Södra Latin´s gymnasium, Stockholm, the music program of which is considered a top education for all Sweden.

Oskar sings soprano solo in Faurés Messe Basse, Kyrie November 2011

Oskar Fagelund Svenberg

Photo: Ragna Fagelund

Sunday, February 3rd kl. 16.00: Solo singing at a Schubert evening, S:t Olof´s church, Täby.

Saturday March 23rd kl. 14.00: Sound of Music, Danderyd`s gymnasium

Thursday April 11th kl. 18.00: Djursholms Kapellvänner, Församlingens Hus, Danderyd