Singing Lessons for Tone-Deaf

How to sing – when you think you can not (“tone-deaf”)

The course is designed for you who believe you can’t sing but wish to develop your voice. Everyone can learn to use their voice in a better way, and this is the challenge.
The objective is to develop your voice and your ear for music thereby increasing your confidence and making singing more eventful.

Teacher: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra


In the Content:

  • Technique of voice and singing
  • Practical training on your own chosen songs
  • New songs

Lesson: 3x 30 minutes

Date: Will be decided individually

Deltagare: No skills required

Course in Danderyd

Place: Opus Nordens studio, Nora Torg 57 Danderyd

Fee: look att the singing lessons page

Application: by mail or post, click here. Application is binding, but may be given to someone else.

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