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Do you and your employees wish to sing in the public or perform, contact us.


Opus Norden combines advantage with pleasure in it´s offers to companies.
Voice training, scenic training, how to speak, CEO-courses and special courses for the health care.

35% of your message is mediated by the way your voice sounds, 50% through body language and only 7% by your message as such. Do you want to optimize the messages you and your partners confer to customers? Start with optimizing the Messanger- The Voice!

Opus Norden can train your voices at a course or a Company event.
Perfect as a kick-off, as team-building or for those who wish to use the health/training recipy without sweating!


Adjusted to kick-off & training meetings:

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Photo: Andreas Granström

Music and singing as health care!

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Health care

Photo: Johan Wirlöf