Is your aim to study composition just for fun or do you want to continue at a college?
Our composition courses is for everyone who wants to learn it.
The goal is to develop your artistic properties and how to express yourself with music.


Music-School starts in week 2

Individual composing lessons

Lokal: Opus Norden´s new studio: Nora Torg 57

Composition lesson: 30 , 45 or 60 minutes

Lessons adapted to the pupil´s knowledge and need

  • Musical form
  • Musical set
  • Harmony
  • Orchestration
  • Instrumental knowledge
  • Aesthetics

Course day: Thursday

Courses Children

News: We increase the number of lessons. Now, the fee also covers tickets for one child and one adult.

Fee for autumn term
15 x 30 minutes 6.150 SEK children from Danderyd
15 x 30 minutes 6.750 SEK children from Stockholm
15 x 45 minutes 8.250 SEK children from Danderyd
15 x 60 minutes 10.575 SEK children from Danderyd


Fee for spring term
17 x 30 minutes 6.970 SEK children from Danderyd
17 x 30 minutes 7.650 SEK children from Stockholm
17 x 45 minutes 9.350 SEK children from Danderyd
17 x 60 minutes 11.985 SEK children from Danderyd

read more about the composer and teacher Gustav Lindsten

From Gustav Lindsten´s Serenata for Accordion

Single lesson fee only used when the pupil starts in the middle of the term.

Questions are welcome!

Basic fee children from Danderyd:
30 min 430 SEK, 45 min 585 SEK, 60 min 730 SEK
Basic fee children from Stockholm:
30 min 470 SEK, 45 min 640 SEK, 60 min 795 SEK

Application: click here

Next try-on courses for children in May - June 2021,
3x30 minutes 1.260 SEK