The Super Group

Choir school 9 year olds

Opera and Operettas coming

Music-School starts in week 2

In this group we sing a lot by Alice Tegnér but also Christmas carols and Astrid Lindgren´s songs. Many of the singers are applying to Music classes, they also have solo lessons and music theory. The choir has trained on parts of Sound of Music. At the Christmas concert 2018, everyone has a small solo part.

Whatch and listen when we sing Songs by Alice Tegnér at the opening concerto of Kulturbiennalen in Danderyd 2013 watch and look at the kids on YouTube from Kulturbiennalen in Danderyd 2013


Choir-school in Danderyd

Autumn term course: 15 lessons/concert
Spring term course: 17 lessons/concert

Singers: At least four kids. Some singing knowledge required. The kids should have a similar level, determined after the singing lesson. Everything is playful!



  • Songs from Alice Tegnér to Sound of Music
  • Basic voice and singing technique
  • Basic note and rhythm-reading
  • Practical training as a play


Autumn course: 15 x 60 min
Autumn fee per child: 5.850 SEK

Spring course: 17 x 60 min
Spring fee per child: 6.630 kr

Fees fore note-books not included


Welcome with your questions!

From the Spring concert 2016 in Djursholms kapell

Photo: Ragna Fagelund

Choir-school in Danderyd

Tuesdays: 4.30-5.30 PM

Opus Norden´s studio Nora Torg 57 Danderyd

Teacher: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra


Application: click here Application is binding but may be transferred to others.