Piano Lessons


The course is designed for those who wishes to learn how to play the piano. Music works as a source of power, giving you new energy, contact with your creativity and joy and perhaps help you to deal with difficulties.
The objective is to develop your playing and your ear for music thereby increasing your confidence and making playing more eventful.

Try-on courses ONLINE
3x30 minutes 1.500 SEK - 3x45 minutes 1.950 SEK-
3x60 minutes 2.500 SEK


Music-School starts in week 2

Pupils: Individual lessons. No previous experience required

Place: Opus Norden´s new studio, Nora Torg 57

Lesson: 30, 45 or 60 minutes

In the content:

  • Technique
  • Reading of notes and rhythm
  • Practical training on tunes/melodies adapted to your level

Day: Monday to Thursday if required
Teacher: Ira Mogilevsky pianist & composer
Teacher: Daniel Hormazábal pianist
Teacher: Pontus Carron pianist
Teacher: Helene Eriksson pianist & music theorist

Advanced Students
Teacher: We decide after an audition.


Course fees, flexible lessons:

Try-on Course:
3 x 30 minutes 1.980 SEK
3 x 45 minutes 2.535 SEK
3 x 60 minutes 3.210 SEK

Fees after the try-on course:
30 minutes 730 SEK
45 minutes 975 SEK
60 minutes 1.220 SEK


In your business, you may use music as health care. Music as Health Care


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Photo: Jennie Fahlström

Courses for Adults

There are two types of courses for adults. You either book for a whole term with the same time every week; or start with a try-on course and book a number of lessons with flexible times.

Fee for autumn term:
14 x 30 minutes 6.300 SEK
14 x 45 minutes 8.400 SEK
14 x 60 minuter 10.850 SEK

Fee for spring term:
16 x 30 minutes 7.200 SEK
16 x 45 minutes 9.600 SEK
16 x 60 minutes 12.400 SEK

Basic fee for teminskurser:
30 min 470 SEK
45 min 640 SEK
60 min 800 SEK

Single lesson fee only used when the pupil starts in the middle of the term and for singers in Opus Norden´s choir school.

In May - June 2021 we offer try-on courses for special price, 3x30 minutes 1.500 SEK - 3x45 minutes 1.950 SEK- 3x60 minutes 2.500 SEK