Opus Norden´s Music preschool

During autumn 2019, we will open a preschool with classical music as the orientetion. The ordinary preschool curriculum will be followed.


One important goal is that the parents will have good insight and participation in the activities.

”The preschool will complete the childs home milieu by creating the best possible qualifications to make possible that each child will develop good in all respects. The preschool´s work with the children will therefore be made in a close and trustful cooperation with their families. The parents will have possibility to influence the preschool activities within the frames of the national goals. To make this possible, the preschool must be evident when it comes to goals and content.” Lpfö 98/16

Welcome with your application!

During the induction, we will have time to learn each other. We look foreward to know what your child likes, is used to and what you as parents think is the best for your child. The induction is individual but after start it is in a group.

It may look as follows: The first day, you and your child comes to the preschool between 9 and 10 to familiarize with the teachers and the school milieu. Days 2-4 you and your child should be at the preschool between 9 and 15 hours. The following six days, you leave your child with us, the teachers, between 09.00 and 15.00 so that we can build a good contact and trust with your child.

It is important that you as a parent feel trust with us, but it is of course possible to prolong the indution. Children coming from another preschool does not need such a long induction.