Child & Youth Ensemble

Choir school for kids and adolescents 10-20 years old

Auditions for these Ensembles are available during the winter

Opera and Operettas coming

Music-School starts in week 2

Our children-ensemble is now made up by 10-12 year old kids. When the group gets larger we will form a children´s choir for 10-12 year olds and a youth ensemble for 13-20 year olds.

The kids now have learned a lot, many are in music classes. We work with improving voice sound and musical level, start with two-part songs and great songs. We also train both singing and on-stage technique with various musical/opera projects.


Choir-school in Danderyd

Autumn term course: 15 lessons/concert
Spring term course: 17 lessons/concert


Choir-school in Danderyd

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 PM Child-Ensemble
Tuesdays 5:30-7:00 PM Youth-Ensemble

Opus Norden´s studio Nora Torg 57 Danderyd



  • Choir and Musical repertoire
  • Voice and singing technique
  • Note- and rythm reading
  • Scenic behavior during concerts and shows
  • During this autumn we will rehearse a production/show with Sound of Music


Autumn course: 15 x 60/75 min
Autumn fee per child: 5.850 kr

Spring course: 17 x 60/75 min
Spring fee per child: 6.630 kr

Fees for note-books not included


A picture from our Springconcert 2018!

From the consort at Danderydsgården October 10th 2015

Photo: Torbjörn Pettersson

Participants: Basic singing knowledge required. Kids and youth of the same level.

Conductor: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra

Application: click here Application is binding but may be transferred to others.


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