Elsa Beskow och Alice Tegnér var båda från Djursholm

Successful use of the childs voice at Kindergarten.

The course is designed for parents who wish to develop the voices of their children. Children´s voices differ from adult’s which is the challenge. The idea is to use the repertoire and methods that is specific for the group your child is attending.
The objective is to develop the childs voice through playful singing, so the child itself can discover its hidden voice-recourses, thereby making singing more eventful.

Listen and look at the recording from one of Ragna Fagelund children-choirs, called (Rid on a Island-horse)
”Ri-ri på Islandshest” with Åssiden school-choir and Erik Bye.

In the content:

  • The course starts with a visit at Kindergarten, where I ’m studying the repertoire and methods in this specific group. This will be the basic for the course
  • Children’s and adult’s voices are different - what is the difference
  • Learn to use the voice in different ways, in their own repertoire by playful teaching
  • New repertoire

Lesson: 4 x 45 minutes. Individual plans for each Kindergarten are offered

Date: Will be decided

Place: At Kindergarten, Day-mother or elsewhere.

Pupils: 10 -15 pupils. No previous singing experience required

Teacher: Ragna Fagelund teacher of singing, singer, conductor of choir and orchestra

Fee: 900 SEK per child

Special offer Parallel course for Teachers at Kindergarten, Day-mothers and parents. Children and their parents are welcome on Saturday mornings.

Application: by mail or post, click here.

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