Sound of Music

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This singing course is for You who love Sound of Music and want to be on Stage the next time we will perform in Danderyds Gymnasium or another place. The course also helps you to develop your voice together with others. Everyone can sing more or less, but singing after notes with a good technique, alone or in different moods is a greater challenge. The goal is to develop your voice, note-reading and ear so that you are confident to perform and help to make our Sound of Music a great experience for yourself and the public!

We have no special courses for Sound of Music, we practice the songs on the monday course having so called singalong level. The group is called Voice trainers.

Singalong level: may be untrained, but able to sing in tune.

Mondays 19.15-20.45 start when it is enough singers.

Local: Nora torg 57 Danderyd

Course leader: Ragna Fagelund conductor, singer, voice teacher, conductor of choirs and orchestras.

The spring term is 8 lessons in group and one individual. The latter you book with Ragna before the group lessons start.
You may also start with a try-on course.

3 Course Variants:

Course Fee per person: minimum 25 participants.
Plus fee for notes 230 kr.

  • Try-On-Course: 3 x 90 minutes
    +1 x 30 minutes individual lesson.
    Course Fee per person: 1.690 SEK
  • Main Course plus an individual singing lesson: Autumn
    8 x 90 minutes+1 x 30 minutes individual lesson.
    Course Fee per person: 3.210 SEK special offer 2.890 SEK
  • Main Course without an individual singing lesson: Spring 14 x 90 minutes
    Course Fee per person: 4.170 SEK , reduced price 3.750 SEK


Application: via mail or post, click here. Application is mandatory, but may be transferred to others.

Questions welcome!

Vi lärer även lite teori på våra kurser.

Vi använder denna notbok.

Wednesdays around the year - courses for members who have been singing for many years, new pupils are welcome after audition. We also do other music than Sound of Music. This group is called The Vocal-ensemble
Next course starts August 26th kl. 7.15 PM

Children and Youth practice Sound of Music in their groups/ensembles. Times, prices and applications click here, and you come to the page for the choir schools for children and youth ensembles.