Rethorik for Business

To practice rethoric is good for coming presentations and limits your fear of speaking in public. You may have seen Elaine Eksvärd talking about rethoric on TV where she points out the importance of how you expose yourself. Opus Norden has many skillful teachers and co-workers helping you to improve your communication.

Opus Norden offers both individual and group courses

As much as 35% of your message is conveyed by how your voice sounds, 50% by your body language and only 7% by the verbal content. If you want to optimize the message formulated by you and your employees to your customers? Start by optimizing the messenger of the message - the voice!

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Ragna exercises voices of business-people in groups. Those who wish to "voice-gym" meet every week in her studio. Voice training combined with choir singing gives a better voice with good volume and lots of extra energy !
Next couse starts August 28th medium level and September 9th beginners.

Mer information om röstträning

”Harald gives both security and lust to explore the possibilities of one´s voice. His warmth, empathy and easy exercises are very inspiring.”
Maria Sterner, TOPOI Kommunikation