Training before music-class admission tests

Elsa Beskow och Alice Tegnér var båda från Djursholm

Course aimed for children in class 2 who wish to apply to the music-classes at Adolf Fredrik(AF), in Sollentuna or Täby, making the admission test in January 2019 or 2020

In 2015, 1420 children competed for the 180 seats at AF. The competition is tough. To be accepted, one must be good at singing and have good ear.
It takes time to learn this properly and to make it fun and inspiring for the kids, our training varies between individual lessons and singing in a group. The courses are part of our music school´s education, pupils of the music school will be allowed first.

Our goal is to help the kids develop their voice and ear, which improves their self-confidence and gives them a good admission test. We focus on knowledge and joy!

We have references!

New courses start in January and February, depending on the number of applicants. There is individual training, small groups and larger choir-school groups.

Place: Nora Torg 57, Danderyd.
mondays & tuesdays

The fee varies between individual lessons, small and large groups, more info through the links below.

Individual lessons & minigroups


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