Ragna Fagelund - Mezzosoprano

Ragna Fagelund

Ragna Fagelund has the voice as her instrument. She was educated by Kirsten Taranger at Buskerud Music Conservatory, Norway. Private studies for opera singer Jan Södal,Kari Frisell Oslo, and Hovsångerskan (Court-singer) Berit Lindholm, Stockholm.

Ragna Fagelund has since 2004, after many years as a conductor, again focused on her voice.

The spring of 2005, Ragna Fagelund devoted to the centennial memory of the the end

of the Union between Norway and Sweden and music from the two countries during that period. Through Musik i Västernorrland she made a consert tour together with Trio Poseidon with Sara Trobäck violin, Claes Gunnarsson, cello and Per Lundberg, piano.

During the Music Festival in Junsele 2005, and on other occations, Ragna Fagelund performed with the pianist Karin Haglund and Atle Sponberg, violinist and consert master of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Rikskringkastingsorkesteret.

Ragna Fagelund performs together with the famous Kjell-Inge Stevensson, clarinet, in a concert program for soprano and clarinet. “The Clarinet in the World of Tales”.

Ragna Fagelund cooperates with the Strindberg Museum, Stockholm, in a program with music composed for works by Strindberg and Ibsen and lectures about these authors.

Ragna Fagelund are the singer in Opera Nordens new minishow.

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