Unregister form

First name, Last name. Example: Maria Lundberg


You participate in Opus Norden´s Music school until you unregister, which means that you are automatically registered for the coming term. To avoid a bill, your place must be unregistered according to the rules below.

Rules for unregistration: Must be made on our website at unregister form (not enough just to tell the teacher!).

Unregistration is without cost before 15th August/15th December i.e. before start of the next term.

To unregister after the dates above will cost you 500 SEK, but participation in the first lesson of the term means that you have agreed to participate the rest of the term.

Each May and June Opus Norden offers try-on-courses. For these courses, unregistration is not required.

In case of disease, certified by physician, parts of the term fee may be refunded.