Nordic Festivity Music

We are offering a concert composed particularly for jubilees and all kinds of festivities. The program will always be specially tailored for the audience.

In the Middle of the Orchestra

We will offer a very rare concert. The audience will be placed in the middle of the orchestra, and will therefore be a part of the performance. There will always be a surprise.

The Nordic Sound

How do the Nordic composers paint? We contemplate how the Nordic composers describe light, colours, landscape and feelings.


In cooperation with actors we will play melodramas, Classical- or New music written for the theatre.

Sing the Symphony

A very unusual show for people not used to classical music and also for those who are familiar to this music. The audience finally gets the chance to sing with the orchestra.

The Symphonic Everyday

Contemporary music written by a group of young composers, Opus 96 and filmed by a group of film producers Filmkreatörerna. The concerts and the videos are made for young people. We may perform at schools, discothèques and rock festivals.

Nordic Bassoon Concertos

Together with Knut Sönstevold, Opus Norden will focus on Nordic bassoon concertos. We will also cooperate with other Nordic bassoon-players.

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