Orchestra school for adults and younger

Exciting to find out how long will it take to create an own Symphony Orchestra in Danderyd...

Ragna Fagelund live

Ragna Fagelund has a long experience in orchestra conducting.
Over the years, Ragna has created a large network of musicians from Swedish symphony orchestras.
This means that Ragna and Opus Norden now can offer teaching in all orchestra instruments.


Ragna conducting live!
Ckick to the left under Film and music!


We are now in the process of starting this new challenging activity and you may help us! Contact us !

The Orchestra School

  • an offer to pupils having finished Kulturskolan
  • ...to those who will finish Kulturskolan
  • …to adults who wish to develop there playing
  • … to adults who wish to start playing

The orchestra school will offer solo lessons preparing for playing in an orchestra


The teachers are also artists in the Opus Norden artist network


Isabelle BlomméÅsa Harald