Semmy Stahlhammer - Violinist

Semmy Stahhammer violinist

Semmy Stahlhammer received a Bachelor Degree of Music from the Curtis Institute of Music, a Master of Music Degree from Kent State University, a Soloist Diploma from the Stockholm Royal Music College and has studied at Juilliard School.

Semmy in "Hyland´s hörna"

Semmy playes Bach C-major sonata

Bazzini: Rondo of the Goblins

Semmy Stahlhammer also performs with “The Stahlhammer Klezmer Band”.

Semmy Stahlhammer has performed to great critical acclaim in America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Semmy Stahlhammer is First Concertmaster at the Stockholm Royal Opera and a faculty member at the Stockholm Royal Music College.

Semmy Stahlhammers CD anthology, Swedish Turn of the Century, was chosen as “records of the year 2000” by Sweden’s largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Semmy Stahlhammer has been artistic director of the music festival in San Giovanni D’Asso in Tuscany, Italy, and was founder and director of “Chamber Music at the Grand Hotel” and “Chamber Music in the Parks” in Stockholm.

Semmy Stahlhammers other collaborations include concerts with such known musicians as Jaime Laredo, Salvatore Accardo, Lynn Harrell, singers from the Stockholm Royal Opera and dancers from The Swedish Royal Ballet.

In Semmy Stahlhammer's workshop in Stockholm he restores old violins and cellos and has worked on instruments by Stradivarius and Guarnerius.

Semmy Stahlhammers is author of Codename Barber, a book about the Second World War, published in Swedish by Albert Bonniers Publishers 2007, and published in English 2010.

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